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5 Keys to Developing Self-Confidence in Your Online Business

Becoming an entrepreneur will bring up alllll your stuff. All your fears, all your self-doubt, all your worst I’m-going-be-a-bag-lady money fears, all your doomsday catastrophizing. When YOU are your own safety net, and you don’t have the benefits and vacation days and regular paycheck from an employer, you better believe shit is going to get real, fast. here are 5 ways to build your self-confidence in business & in life.

The Top 3 Things Holding You Back From Marketing Your Business Effectively

If you’re in business for yourself, it’s because you have a skillset that makes you money. You’re a coach, or a consultant, or a writer, or an online business manager. 

You may or may not have the skillset of MARKETING. Find out the 3 things I hear most often from clients that are holding them back from marketing effectively.