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It’s Hard To See Your Own Crazy.

It’s hard to see your own crazy.  Am I right?  It’s always so easy to see OTHER PEOPLE’S crazy. That’s why we need good friends and close family members we can trust – to tell us when we’re… Read More

When You Don’t Have Confidence In You

What IS confidence? So often I think we define confidence as our ability to succeed at something we don’t know how to do yet. (And of course, we want to succeed the first time.) In other words: we… Read More

Only One Thing Is Needed

Here’s the truth: I’ve been in a weird place spiritually ever since my son was born three years ago. I won’t go into all the details, except to say that becoming a mother completely shifted my identity in every… Read More

Do Less To Get More

What if you could do less to get more – more clients, more cash, more RESULTS in your business?It IS possible – if you’re doing the right things and are willing to let go of the things that… Read More

Here’s Your Dose Of Monday Motivation

On today’s episode of Morning Motivation I talked about the essential piece you might be missing as you work toward your business goals. If you’re frustrated because you never seem to meet your targets, be sure to watch…. Read More

The Risk I’m Taking That Hasn’t Yet Paid Off

I made a commitment a few weeks ago to sign 5 coaching clients by April 30 for my program, Crack the Client Code.Not because of the financial goal – but because of the number of people I want… Read More

Is Fear Of Putting Yourself Out There Short-Changing Your Bank Account?

The #1 thing that stops my coaching clients from going after their dreams is fear.Fear of failure.Fear of messing up or looking stupid.Fear of putting themselves out there. The funny thing is this: when I ask them what… Read More

How To Get Over The Fear Of Putting Yourself Out There

Are you terrified of putting yourself out there? Are you an introvert who freaks out about marketing? If the thought of cold-calling a prospective client, jumping on video, or pitching someone your services makes you cringe… Check out… Read More

That Time I Totally Overdid It And Burned Myself Out

You’d think that I’d know better by now.I struggled with chronic fatigue for four years in my late twenties/early thirties. I learned a LOT about just how much space and time I need to take care of myself.But… Read More

Avoid This Huge Business Mistake

I’m seeing a pattern across the new entrepreneurs I work with. It’s a mistake that can cost you time, money and clients.  I made a video about it for you this morning.