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How I Started Making Money In My Business Right Away

There are a LOT of business gurus out there who want to tell you what you need in order to start making money in your business. You need an email list in the thousands. A social media following… Read More

The Time I Went Rogue And Broke All The Business Rules

I recently had a business epiphany: I was following someone else’s rules. And they weren’t working for my business. Just a few weeks ago, I was feeling super-stressed, like there was never enough time in my week and… Read More

Make Money With This Simple Business Plan

I’m all about simplifying these days. This month I’m reconnecting to the super-simple, 10-minute business plan that makes me money every time I do it. All you need is a Google Sheet document.  At the top I list… Read More

Keep Your Business Afloat When Sh*T Hits The Fan

When you run your own business, you can’t just drop the ball when emergencies happen.  (If you’ve been trying to start a business but get completely off-track every time life occurs – you get a big tax bill,… Read More

Check Your Business Vitals

If you’re like me, you’re constantly checking off a super-long to-do list in your business.  Implement new marketing funnel. Check. Advertise for, screen and hire a subcontractor. Check. Conduct sales calls. Check. Complete client work. Check. Whatever your business looks like, it… Read More

What If Today Was Your Last Day?

Today is a tough day.  One year ago today, my childhood friend Jen (whom I’ve known for more than twenty years) learned that her sister Christina and her brother-in-law Tyler had been murdered in a home invasion. They… Read More