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Why Don’t You Have The Result You Want?

When I recently asked my client Katie* what she wanted to create in her business this year, she said, “I just want to make $5,000/month.” “What’s stopping you?” I asked. She paused and thought about it. “I don’t… Read More

My Evening Recovery Routine Family Time + Recovery Time + Prep For Tomorrow

Back in the spring, I was finding a lot of work creeping into my evenings. I was responding to emails while cooking dinner, scheduling calls to help friends in my business program, and needing to finish work that… Read More

My Lunchtime Refresh-And-Reflect Routine

When I was leaving my job last June, one of my colleagues asked if she could pick my brain about time management. She was struggling to complete projects and manage all her tasks, and was about to get… Read More

My Success-Priming Morning Routine

Your morning sets the tone for your whole day. Is your morning setting you up for success – or for a day of scrambling, I’m-so-behind stress?  For about a decade I had my morning routine down pat; then… Read More