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Dollars to doughnuts {our first Catchlight excerpt!}

I recently learned that the preferred spelling of “donuts” is actually “doughnuts.” I was reviewing copyedits for Catchlight, and because the copyeditor had corrected the spelling to “doughnuts,” I saw that my characters eat doughnuts … a lot…. Read More

The antidote to anxiety

The antidote to anxiety is creativity. Just like the antidote to confusion is action.  When we pull ourselves out of our heads and take action with our physical body to create something, we so fully inhabit the present… Read More

Process, not perfection

Our culture reveres progress. Particularly progress that happens in a straight upward trajectory. We are a results-oriented people. But human beings were not meant to be constant milestone-achieving machines. We are human beings, not human doings. Writer and… Read More

Write what you don’t know.

One of the classic pieces of advice about writing is to “write what you know.” Like all good pieces of advice, it’s begging to be countermanded. So today I offer you this piece of advice: Write what you… Read More