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80% of Sales Happens When You Do This

Did you know that 80% of sales happens during the 3rd through 12th touch point you have with a prospective customer?

How many of you pitch a prospect once, and never follow up again? Or give a webinar, and never reach out to the people who came? Or have a great conversation with someone, then wait for them to email you? (You gave them your business card, after all!)

Selling requires persistence!

I built my business on pitching. Here are 3 secrets to help you pitch & close more successfully:

  • Use Streak to track pitches. Streak is a free Gmail plug-in. I can move prospects along a “pipeline” through different stages: Pitched, Sales Call, Proposal, Closed Won, Closed Lost. Each prospect “box” holds emails I’ve sent to that person (including the ability to see whether or not they’ve been opened), as well as follow-up tasks that get emailed to me when they’re coming up due.
  • Try out different offers. For some pitches, I offer to schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit to work together. For others, I offer a free 30-minute opt-in page audit. I try to imagine my prospect’s biggest pain point, and offer a free way to connect that might help them solve that problem. 
  • Create a follow-up plan ahead of time. Since 80% of sales happen on follow-ups three through twelve, decide ahead of time what your plan will be. When I’m pitching someone cold, I have a series of three emails that I send, staggered over about 10 days. If I don’t hear anything by email 3, I typically let that person go. If I do hear back from them, I tailor my follow-up accordingly. 

Happy pitching! 

September 27, 2019

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