Life Hack Video: The Grocery List Template

Ever stare blankly at the notepad or screen where you're supposed to be writing your grocery list? Enter the grocery list template
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The Power of Turtle Steps

Here’s the truth about me: I don’t like to do things partway. Sometimes this can be a gift, and sometimes it can be a curse. Case in point: I don’t like to go for a run unless I... Read More
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Give Yourself Net-Positive Treats

"It's been a hard week. I deserve it." How often have you said this to yourself to justify something you know you shouldn't do?  Whether it's eating a giant ice cream sundae or a vat of cheese fries, drinking another glass of wine, or spending money on a pedicure or a new dress that you can't afford, we've all done it. We've all justified a behavior we know isn't healthy by couching it as a "treat" that we "deserve."
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How to Protect Your Energy in the Current Political Climate Without Checking Out or Going Under

2017 has been a doozy of a year. Disastrous news breaks daily - sometimes hourly. Our country is struggling to figure out who we will be - will we stand for what we believe in, or cower in fear?  If you're a sensitive type, the news right now is overwhelming. When it comes on top of a long work day, plus all the other responsibilities that I'm sure you're juggling, it can be downright soul-corroding. How do we engage meaningfully with the news without letting it completely wreck us? How do we protect our energy without checking out?
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Letting Go of Mommy Guilt

When I got pregnant, I swore that I would never think the thought, I'm a bad mom.  The mom shaming trend drives me nuts. And in reality, I struggle with this thought A LOT. And the fear of being a bad mom triggers a whole lot of crazy in me. So, here are some of the thoughts that happen for me, and how I try to let go of them so I can be less of a crazy person
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