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reclaiming my time

via GIPHY In 2017, Representative Maxine Waters blew up the internet with the phrase “reclaiming my time.” This week I’ve reclaimed my time in a revolutionary way. Over the weekend I listened to Brooke Castillo’s podcast episode Monday... Read More
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I don’t have it all together.

I don’t have it all together. How about you? Both of my kids have been home sick with the flu all week. I’ve completed about 8% of the work I planned to do. Our Christmas tree is still... Read More
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sharp pen, thin skin, open heart

The Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix, Miss Americana is EVERYTHING.Go watch it this weekend.I loved seeing Taylor’s evolution. At the beginning of her career, it was drilled into her to be a “nice girl” who does what she’s... Read More
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So. Obsessed.

Follow your obsessions.  That is my new favorite piece of advice, especially when life is feeling a little drab, a little dull. (Does this happen to anyone else in late January?!) Quick, make a list of the 5... Read More
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disrupting #hustle culture

If you’ve been in the online business world for any length of time, you will inevitably come across messages about what it takes to make it. They almost all boil down to the same thing: hustle. Work harder,... Read More
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