Saying Yes to Ourselves

I have spent a LOT of time thinking about these questions: Why do I put everyone else's needs ahead of my own? What do I do when I'm exhausted? How can I feel better? How can I have more energy, less stress, and more fun? Why does rest feel so forbidden?
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A Negative Finding is Still a Finding

When we're searching for our right life, we must remember that finding out what we DON'T want is as important as finding out what we DO want. In other words: a negative finding is still a finding
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Imagine Your Own Cheerleader

Think of a goal you want to accomplish - whether small or large - and imagine a friend standing beside you as you take small actions. Imagine your friend cheering you on
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Why Managing Everyone Else’s Life Actually Isn’t Your Problem

Do you get stressed by being around other people who are stressed? Do you find yourself getting really frustrated with family members and friends who don't act the way they should? Do you spend an inordinate amount of time managing other people's problems? It's time to set some emotional boundaries
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What Lies Are Holding You Back?

When we believe false stories from our past, it keeps us from becoming who we are meant to be. During a recent snow day, I turned on The Lion King. I was struck by how Simba's beliefs kept him in exile for years
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