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How to Make Marketing Feel Like an Indulgence (instead of a root canal)

Marketing your business can feel like chasing a toddler in a crowded place: like you need two more sets of eyes and about 8 more arms. Amiright? There’s always new tactics to try. You feel like you’re always... Read More
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Getting Unstuck and Moving Toward Your Biggest Dreams and Goals

It's easy to look around and feel like everyone else is farther ahead - more successful, more fulfilled, and happier. Here are two concrete ways to get unstuck and move in the direction of your dreams
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How I Built a Business That Replaced My 9-5 Income the Month After I Quit

Okay, I’ll make a confession: that blog title feels scary to me. But it’s true. I don’t want you to read that headline and despair. I want you to read that headline and think, If she can do it, I can... Read More
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Where Do I Start with Marketing? #4: I Just Don’t Know What to Do

Here's the thing about "I don't know" -- it paralyzes you. When you tell yourself that you don't know what to do, you preclude your brain from even trying to problem-solve. You stop it in its tracks. It can't do what it's designed to do, which is to come up with solutions. Find out the question you should ask instead
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Where Do I Start with Marketing? #3: I Don’t Have Time to Market

A lot of my clients tell me they don't have time to market. This third post in my series, Where Do I Start With Marketing?, will help you find the time to market your business so you can avoid the feast-or-famine cycle.
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