Letting Go of Mommy Guilt

When I got pregnant, I swore that I would never think the thought, I'm a bad mom.  The mom shaming trend drives me nuts. And in reality, I struggle with this thought A LOT. And the fear of being a bad mom triggers a whole lot of crazy in me. So, here are some of the thoughts that happen for me, and how I try to let go of them so I can be less of a crazy person
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The #1 Excuse for Not Going After Your Dreams

At the end of your life, are you going to wish you had worked more hours or earned more money? Are you going to say, "Boy, I'm glad I never said no to anyone who asked me for something"? Or are you going to wish with all your heart that you had done the thing you dreamed of doing? Just gotten it done, instead of thinking about it and never doing anything?
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The Thought That’s REALLY Holding You Back from Success

During my first semester in college, I made a conscious choice that I would try a whole bunch of things until I found My Thing. I went ALL IN for this process of finding My Thing: I auditioned for Alive, the Christian a cappella group. I tried out for Flypeople, the student dance group, and the Vassar Repertory Dance Theater, the official dance company on campus. I didn't make any of them
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Do You Feel Like You Learn the Same Lessons Over and Over?

The past three weeks have kicked my butt. I broke my own boundary of not hosting guests two weekends in a row. I've been working on a big work project that had an insanely tight deadline. I work from home, and normally I travel into the office (about 2+ hours each way on the train) three or four times a year. In the past three weeks, I've done that four-hour round trip four times. I'm exhausted. So this week I've been feeling physically tired, emotionally drained, and mentally fed up with myself. Don't I ever learn?
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Eliminate 80% of Anxiety With One Simple Question

I have spent a lot of time and energy in my life worrying, until my husband taught me this one simple question and eliminated the majority of things that I stress over
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