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This is hard, and that’s okay.

My new mantra is this thought: This is hard, and that’s okay. I’m back in the trenches of generating clients and revenue after a 3-month maternity leave. And after two successful days at daycare last week, my daughter... Read More
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My first week back from maternity leave (+ last call to make $1K)

Last Wednesday was my first official day back from maternity leave. My 3-year-old son moved to a new room in daycare, and as we walked down the new hallway, he had a total meltdown. He stopped dead and... Read More
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Want to make $1,000 by December 31?

What would earning your first (or next) $1,000 in your business mean to you? Extra cash for Christmas gifts? Making an extra college tuition payment for your kids? Setting aside some buffer for emergencies? Going on a shopping... Read More
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It’s Friday, I’m in love

I’m a total nerd. I’ve always known this, but lately I’ve been embracing it. What I mean in today’s context is that when my infant daughter is asleep and I have a few minutes of time, most of the time... Read More
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When quitting is a good idea

True confession time. I was full-on cray-cray about my business last spring.  I was part of a business building program and I was putting a TON of pressure on myself to hit certain benchmarks – clients signed, dollars... Read More
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