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Let’s belong to each other

Hi there my friend, I’ve been learning a lot this fall about the power of intentionality.  Intention with my time. Intention with my thoughts. Intention with my words.  And I came to a decision that sounds small but... Read More
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a pocket of silence

Hi there my friend,  I want to tell you a story.  Last week my friend and client Tammy offered a free workshop called Find Your Bliss, as her capstone project for a leadership development program.  She told us... Read More
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Coffee date with me ☕

I’m working on a project to teach online entrepreneurs (particularly coaches) how to write their own super compelling copy. At a price that’s more affordable than hiring a pro copywriter. We’re talking about the kind of copy –... Read More
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This is my brain on two kids

On Saturday morning I read this email from my assistant Lisa: I didn’t see any copy for your weekly email… To quote an inside joke from high school whose origin I can’t even recall: Well shit, Jane.  I... Read More
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How to Write a Great Pitch Email

It was so much fun and it was the perfect way to dive back into pitching after my maternity leave.  Last week my client and friend Susan Hyatt ran a 5-day challenge she called the Pitch Clinic.  I’ve... Read More
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