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I Want to Ask You a Question That Could Change Your Life

I want to ask you a question that could change your life. What is overwhelm costing you? While you’re spinning out in overwhelm, confusion, fear, and self-doubt, what are you missing out on? Your next client? Your peace of... Read More
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Celebrate {Get More Clients series}

Today I want you to CELEBRATE every win. Did you watch any of the videos? Celebrate! Did you try one of the strategies? Celebrate! Did you LAND A CLIENT?! We are CELEBRATING here, people! As entrepreneurs, we are... Read More
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Create a Motto {Get More Clients series}

It’s Wednesday, which means I’m in your inbox with your 4th and final mindset shift in our February Get More Clients series! Today I’m talking about creating a motto, or a positive mantra, that will help you face... Read More
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Talk to People {Get More Clients series}

It’s Monday, which means I’m in your inbox with your 4th and final strategy in our February Get More Clients series! {Side note: February has gone fast this year, amiright?} Today we’re talking about getting out from behind... Read More
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Is this holding you back from success? {Get More Clients series}

It’s time for a little tough love Friday. If I were to ask you, “What’s holding you back from success in your business?”, I bet you’d have a ton of answers. Not enough time to work on it.... Read More
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