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Celebrate {Get More Clients series}

We’re wrapping up our February series, Get More Clients. Today I want you to CELEBRATE every win. Did you watch any of the videos? Celebrate! Did you try one of the strategies? Celebrate! Did you LAND A CLIENT?!... Read More
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How to Leverage Gratitude in Your Business

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. My husband Simeon is a pastor, so other holidays like Christmas and Easter tend to involve extra work for him (and extra appearances by our family). I still love those holidays, but Thanksgiving... Read More
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Working from the Couch

What working from the couch taught me about going after my business goals - and about the preference for getting it done over getting it perfect
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The Importance of a Clear Message

The most actionable segment of The Zone Event for me was a breakout session by Amy Yamada on Creating a Clear Message. Read on to learn more about crafting YOUR clear message, and why having a clear message is important
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The Fine Art of Pushing Yourself

The most important lesson I learned from The Zone Event is one that I'm always learning, and it has to do with balancing two seemingly disparate forces: pushing myself to grow (in business and in life) and taking exquisite care of myself
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