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Welcome! This is post #4 of my new series, Update Your Website to Showcase Who You Are Now. Check out past posts if you missed them: How to Create a Soulful Messaging GuideA Super Simple Formula for Your Work With Me Page, and Write an About Page that Makes Your Prospective Clients Tingle with Recognition.

Let’s talk about your content page.

What makes some people’s content immediately pop and have a zillion raving fans and comments, and other people’s content gathers dust in a lonely corner of the internet?

These suggestions are going to sound simple … but that doesn’t mean they’re easy.

Try these out to build YOUR fan base by creating compelling content on the regular.

Decide on your content platform – and stick to it.

Amy Porterfield (marketing goddess) suggests that you choose ONE platform and create new content every week: a podcast, a video, or a blog.

Pick your platform and stick to it.

I can already hear your cries of protest. But what if I FEEL like creating a video one week?

Switching platforms confuses your audience. They don’t know what you’re known for.

Marie Forleo is known for MarieTV. Amy is known for her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. Every week, I’ve got a blog post for you, because I’m a writer.

Pick your platform and stick to it!

Write clear, catchy titles.

I love reading magazines, and I get a lot of inspiration for blog post titles and email subject lines from magazine articles.

Here are some recent magazine articles I read and enjoyed:

  • “Bidding for Beauty” (article about pumpkin auctions; Martha Stewart Living, October 2018)
  • “Getting Sick While Black” (O Magazine, October 2018)
  • “Easy Ways to Feel Calm” (Real Simple, October 2018)

These titles intrigue – they make you want to read more.

If you get lazy on your titles, people are going to scan down your content page and click away never to return. You want them to be like, I NEED THIS INFO SHE’S TEACHING NOW!

Create new content every week.

Post your new content at the same day, same time. It teaches your fans what to expect. Don’t underestimate the power of consistency.

Half of the road to success is to keep showing up.

This means you create when you don’t feel like it, when you’re traveling, when you’re sick, and when no one is responding to what you’re putting out there.

Make it binge-worthy.

I learned this trick from Melissa Cassera – learn from Netflix and make your content binge-worthy.

Melissa suggests a series (exactly what I’m doing here!) to get folks to come back week after week.

If you write a personal newsletter, keep folks on the edge of their seat by hinting at the next installment of your steamy personal life that you’ll reveal next week.

If you write a series, teach a skill piece by piece so people can’t wait to learn more.

Tease what’s coming next.

Answer the questions you hear most often.

When you’re talking with existing and prospective clients, ask them what they’re struggling with the most. Use their biggest struggles as fodder for your content.

Ditto on social media – ask folks where you can help them – then use your content to help them!

Have fun.

If you’re snoozing while creating your content, chances are your audience will feel the same.

Create stuff that you CAN’T WAIT to put out into the world! If the content creation process is fun, your fans will pick up on that.


What’s YOUR biggest struggle with creating compelling content? Leave a note in the comments and I’ll share some customized advice!



October 8, 2018

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