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If you’ve been in the online business world for any length of time, you will inevitably come across messages about what it takes to make it.

They almost all boil down to the same thing: hustle.

Work harder, longer, tougher. 

Gut it out. Get ‘er done. Go get it. 

Go, go, go. Push harder. If you’re not willing to work harder, get outta the game. 

I’m calling bullshit. 

That’s how I approached my business from September 2018 to March 2019.

It. was. miserable.

I constantly compared my numbers (my email list size, open rates, number of sales calls, revenue generated) to other people’s numbers. 

I set big crazy audacious goals and then fell flat on all of them. 

I felt like a failure all the time. 

I felt suffocated by busy-ness, all the time. 

No. More.

Now I have totally different goals. 

Instead of pushing myself to hit $200K (or even $100K) this year, I mostly want my business to feel good

Because I *finally* realized that there’s no point in racing to more revenue in pursuit of freedom … if I can just claim that freedom now. 

So I’m making room for writing every day. 

I’m making time to meditate and journal and exercise.

That means I have less time to work. And while, yes, I’m raising my prices and all that good stuff, I’m also accepting that this impacts my bottom line.

And I’m 100% fine with that. 

This week I listened to Brooke Castillo’s podcast episode What I’m Doing in 2020. She said, “I’m planning for 2020 to be a no-growth year for my company, revenue-wise.” 

My brain exploded, because Brooke is all about growth, and she’s aiming to hit $100 million a year in her company within the next 10 years.

She said of that goal: “I’m not in a hurry.”

Mind. Blown.

She wants to grow right. So this year, she’s focusing on dialing in all her systems, growing her team members, and training her new COO. 

I asked myself: How would my business feel if I wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere?

Answer: Amazing.

So I’m building a business in 2020 that feels amazing, entirely by choosing projects, clients and tasks that feel amazing (or as close to amazing as possible) every damn day.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t do things I don’t want to do.

That’ll happen every day.

It just means that I get to choose my shit sandwich, as Liz Gilbert says, and I’m choosing not to eat the hustle shit sandwich. 

Instead, I’m going to enjoy where I am and enjoy the process of growing.

The funny thing is that as soon as I got to this place, I considered the goal of hitting $100K this year in my business and realized that my brain thinks it’s inevitable.

Even though I haven’t done it. YET. 

And when I consider the plans I have for my business this year, they feel AMAZING.

I’ve been subtracting instead of adding. 

Here’s what my business plan looks like for 2020: 

  • Offer 2 phenomenal writing retreats.
  • Help 3 clients write books from start to finish.
  • Help 6 coaches per month create kick-ass content via 1-hour Copy Consultations.
  • Launch my novel, Catchlight, which is set to come out October 1.

My whole soul is obsessed with the simplicity of it. 

And I’m going to get there with a whole lot of deliciousness and leave that hustle nonsense behind.

Who’s with me?

January 10, 2020

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