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How Marketing is Like Exercise

I had an epiphany the other day: that saying, “I don’t have time for marketing” is basically the same thing as saying, “I don’t have time for exercise.”

Marketing is to your business as exercise is to your health.

Let’s break it down:

How Marketing and Exercise Are the Same

They’re about pushing your limits. Exercise is about pushing your body to its limits so you can increase flexibility, strength, and endurance. Marketing is about pushing your business to the next level so you can increase your profits and your reach.

They’re uncomfortable. You get sweaty, either from all that physical exertion (exercise) or from sheer fear (marketing). If you’re anything like me, you halfway cringe when people like that semi-awkward Instagram post that you threw together, or you start sweating profusely when you publish your first Facebook ad.

They don’t give instant results. You don’t get a six-pack from doing one ab routine. Unfortunately. And you don’t build a massive audience from one blog post. Exercise and marketing require consistent input to reap rewards.

They’re important, rather than urgent. You can always skip a workout when you have an early client meeting, and you can always skip marketing when you’ve got a heavy client load. But sooner or later, trading the important for the urgent will bite you in the ass. So do the important things first. Or else you might never do them.

They’re an indicator of health. Just like exercise is a health indicator, quality marketing activities indicate health for your business. If you’re not spreading the word, you’re not doing much business.

They require a balance of activities. Experts agree that a variety of types of exercise contribute to health: cardio, strength-building, and stretching/active recovery. Likewise, it’s ideal to balance your marketing activities across channels and modes (social, email, ads, free content, etc.).

So, if you’ve been putting off marketing for your business, just pick one activity to do, and do it regularly.

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May 11, 2018

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