How to Feel Centered, Calm & Joyful This Holiday Season (It’s Not Too Late)

Are you feeling the holiday frenzy?

It really seems to kick up a notch right about now, doesn’t it? Ten days before Christmas: like me, you’re probably doing some last-minute shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, traveling.

It’s enough to induce some wine-drinking.

It’s not too late to decide to do the holidays differently. Saner. Calmer. More joyful.

Don’t know where to start? Start here: sign up for my free 5-video series, How to Feel Centered, Calm and Joyful This Holiday Season.

Main point: The way you do the preparation is the way you do the holiday. If your holiday prep is stressful and chaotic, your holiday will feel stressful and chaotic. If your holiday prep is organized and relaxing and fun, your holiday will feel organized and relaxing and fun!

Here’s the holiday series intro:

During the series, my best friend Caroline McGraw and I take you through our five steps to a more centered, calm, and joyful holiday:

  1. Plan out everything that needs to be done. (And, we’ll help you fix your to-do list if it’s broken!)
  2. Identify the most stressful aspects of the holidays for you.
  3. Identify the most joyful aspects of the holidays for you.
  4. Uncover your hidden expectations.
  5. Be present.

Go forth and be merry, my dear friends!



December 15, 2017

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