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How to Make Marketing Feel Like an Indulgence (instead of a root canal)

Marketing your business can feel like chasing a toddler in a crowded place: like you need two more sets of eyes and about 8 more arms. Amiright?

There’s always new tactics to try. You feel like you’re always behind. You feel like there’s always something shiny and new you should be trying. You downloaded yet another free guide from yet another personality and you decided you MUST [insert shiny new marketing activity: start a podcast, get on Pinterest, purchase an email list-building course].

ALL of those are good things to try.

But here’s the thing: if you’re going in a million different directions in your business, none of those efforts will land in a big way.

So instead of chasing after the newest, shiniest thing, I want you to take a step back and reassess.

No one would confuse taking a two-year-old to see a kids’ concert with a relaxing family activity (unless you’re severely deluded, like me; don’t worry, I was quickly put right when we tried this two weeks ago).

In the same vein, I’m guessing that most of you wouldn’t describe marketing for your business as an indulgence on par with a massage or a luscious dessert.

Let’s change that.


If you’re reading a blog called Soul-Aligned Marketing, I’m guessing that you’re not in business to take advantage of people and make a whole lotta money doing shady things.

I’m guessing that you’re in business because you love what you do and you’re confident that your work helps people. You’re in business to make a difference.

So let me ask you this: why is finding the people you can help next such a chore?

Probably because you’ve labeled the process as stressful and confusing. And maybe because you’re doing a whole bunch of marketing activities that you hate.

1. Stop doing things you hate.
If you hate your newsletter, abandon it. Or hire someone to help you with it, or figure out how you can make it fun. Because if you’re not having fun creating it, your audience won’t have fun reading it.

2. Make your marketing time as pleasurable as possible.
Where is your favorite place to work? From your laptop in bed? At Starbucks with a decaf iced coconut milk latte? (that’s mine; you’re welcome to join me!) Poolside? On an airplane to your next adventure?

Plan to do your marketing work there at least once a week. Then figure out how you can take it over the top. Maybe you’ll buy that fancy organic extra dark chocolate and eat a square. Maybe you’ll splurge for amazing music through an app like Focus at Will (my new obsession) or Pandora (so you no longer get interrupted by the commercials). Maybe you’ll plan a treat to look forward to after your marketing session – like an Orange Theory fitness class (this is my new favorite treat!) or a delicious smoothie or an episode of your new favorite Netflix show.

3. Do more of the things you love.
I love sending out thank you cards to my clients, so I’m going to buy some nice new cards to replace the box of stationary I just finished. I love buying Starbucks gift cards as a treat for people (check your inbox the next time you refer me some business!). And I love presenting to groups about soul-aligned marketing, so you’d better believe I’m looking for more opportunities to do just that.

I wrote about how marketing is like exercise. It’s hard to stick with exercise when you pick something you hate. Likewise, it’s hard to stick with marketing when you hate all the activities you’re doing!

Make marketing as pleasurable and fun as possible. Your prospective clients will catch that energy, and pretty soon you’ll be swimming in business, while having an indecent about of fun at work.

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August 19, 2018

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