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How To Stop Being Overwhelmed & Take Action Anyway

Have you ever set a goal and then become so overwhelmed with everything else that you didn’t take any action on it?

In January, I spoke with a prospective client who had been working on her online course for a whole year. In fact, she swore she’d be shooting the final videos the first week of March so she didn’t lose her deposit for professional video.

I emailed her last week – and learned that she hadn’t taken any action in 2.5 months. Family obligations had come up.

I TOTALLY get this. Life comes up for all of us. But I want you to consider what your overwhelm is costing you.

By not finishing and selling her online course, this woman could be losing thousands of dollars a year in passive income.

What’s the price tag on your overwhelm?

I did a Facebook Live video about this exact topic – how to stop being overwhelmed and take action anyway.

Check it out!

April 1, 2019

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