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How to Write a Great Pitch Email

It was so much fun and it was the perfect way to dive back into pitching after my maternity leave. 

Last week my client and friend Susan Hyatt ran a 5-day challenge she called the Pitch Clinic. 

I’ve literally built my business on pitch emails. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from pitching people – strangers, friends, people I follow online – and then closing the sale. 

If you’re waiting for folks to come to your website / read your blog / read your social media post and then hire you – rather than pitching people directly – you’re leaving money on the table. 

Here’s why you should reach out and pitch people your services: 

  • You get immediate feedback on whatever you’re offering.
  • You practice persistence and resilience.
  • You show the universe you’re committed.
  • You never know what will come back around. 

You can use this pitch template in an email, a phone call, an old-school snail-mail letter or postcard, a Facebook message, an Instagram DM, whatever. 

Here you go: 

Hey {insert person’s first name},

I recently discovered your work {explain how you found them}. OR I’m a friend of Susie’s from high school, and she mentioned to me that you’re looking to {insert what you help people with}.

I saw on Facebook that you recently {did cool thing}. Congratulations!

My name is {X} and I’m a {insert your title and who you work with}. I help {ideal clients} {achieve desired result}.

A recent client of mine {had X result or said X thing about me}. 

I’d love to chat with you for 15 minutes in the next week to see if I could help you. Let me know if you’d be open to connecting! {Whatever your call to action is, be very clear about what you want them to do.}

Sincerely yours,

Your name 

Feel free to include links to your website, testimonials, and/or samples.

Want a copywriter’s eye on your pitch email? Send me your pitch by the end of the day and I’ll give you some feedback.

Go get it!



September 27, 2019

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