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How to Write an About Page that Makes Prospective Clients Tingle with Recognition

Welcome! This is post #3 of my new series, Update Your Website to Showcase Who You Are Now. Check out past posts if you missed them: How to Create a Soulful Messaging Guide. and A Super Simple Formula for Your Work With Me Page.

I read recently that the second page a website visitor clicks on is … drumroll … your About page.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be! Folks want to know who you are before they even know what you offer.

When you use the About page to make a connection with them, it makes them more likely to work with you. Because people buy from people – not from companies. So let’s make sure your About page makes that connection!

Who & What

In the first sentence, explain who you serve and what you offer.

Then talk about WHY you love serving this population. How did you come to this work? Why is it important to you? Allow yourself to express your passion here. Don’t go on and on, but allow yourself some space to express why you do the work you do.

Keep Your Client Front & Center

Talk to your ideal client even when you’re talking about yourself. What will they want to know about you? What questions might they have? Imagine that you meet an ideal client at a networking event. How will you present yourself? Use this lens when writing your About page.

Consider Your Qualifications

If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, you might sometimes feel “unqualified” to do your business.

You’re not. You have the exact qualifications you need to make your business work. Developing that confidence within yourself will go a long way toward convincing other people of this fact!

On your About page, make sure to explain why you’re qualified to do this work. Remember: this is not a resume – so ten years of professional experience in your field isn’t necessarily the prerequisite in the eyes of your client.

They’re looking for a human they can connect with. Consider these qualifications:

Your personal experience qualifies you. So if you coach female physicians in clinical practice on weight loss, the fact that you yourself lost 50 pounds while working as a doctor in clinical practice, that’s a huge qualification.

Your education qualifies you. I don’t have a formal degree in marketing, but I do have a bachelor’s degree in English and a masters degree in creative writing. I use those writing, storytelling and communication skills in my work all the time.

Your professional experience qualifies you – even if you’ve changed fields. If you left the corporate world to become a coach, what skills are you bringing with you? If you’re creating a business as a stay-at-home mom, how does the experience of parenting transfer over to your work?

Your trainings and awards qualify you. If you’ve trained with a prestigious school or won an award for leadership at your last job, mention it! Just be sure to explain its significance if a lay reader might not know.

Be Personal

Be a human! What are your hobbies? What do you like to do? What are you currently obsessed with? Give people a flavor of your personality so they can get to know you. Publicity expert Melissa Cassera has had clients hire her simply because like her, they’re obsessed with TV shows like Game of Thrones and Gossip Girl. They needed to hire someone, so they decided to hire the person who sounded fun.

Call to Action

Every page on your website should have a clear call to action. The CTA on your About page should invite people to learn more about your work by linking to your Services page.


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I’ll be back next week with some tips for creating your free content!

October 1, 2018

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