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I don’t have it all together.

I don’t have it all together.

How about you?

Both of my kids have been home sick with the flu all week. I’ve completed about 8% of the work I planned to do.

Our Christmas tree is still up. (I can’t believe I’m typing that on Valentine’s Day … but it’s true.)

I talked to my editor to get an extension on the final edits for my book.

And this morning I reconciled our budget … for October, November and December. Doh.

But instead of resisting all of those things, this week I’ve leveled up.

I’m embracing the suck. You know, the sucky parts of life. I decided to stop telling myself this shouldn’t be happening, I should have it all figured out, I should be more put together.

I decided instead to just embrace it.

“So what” is my new motto.

Christmas tree is still up … so what. I’m a little behind on edits … so what. (The release date for Catchlight is still on target for October 1.) I’m a little behind on our budget … so what.

My kids are both sick … and I get to stay home and take care of them. What a privilege. Not everyone has the opportunity to do that. I get to stroke foreheads and cuddle and give extra kisses and if the price of doing those things is to watch unending hours of Blippi (a children’s YouTube personality), I’ll take it.

I’ll tell you what I DO have together … plans for the Darkness into Light women’s writing retreat, which is happening in Mystic CT in two weeks.

It’s going to be absolutely luscious.

It’s basically a writer’s dream: lots of silence, a waterfront setting, time to hang out with women writers, and writing exercises that are going to draw you inward. Plus: it’s a whole weekend where someone else feeds you.

I mean, that alone is worth the price of admission, amiright?

If you’ve been thinking of joining me, let me know what’s stopping you.

Because here’s the truth: the party won’t be complete without you.

Apply here.

There’s one space left.

(Side note: I’ve always planned to bring six writers … and this morning I suddenly had a vision of 7 writers in our circle. So if you’ve been wanting to come with a friend, ping me and I’ll see what we can do. 😉

February 14, 2020

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