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I Want to Ask You a Question That Could Change Your Life

I want to ask you a question that could change your life.

What is overwhelm costing you?

While you’re spinning out in overwhelm, confusion, fear, and self-doubt, what are you missing out on?

Your next client?

Your peace of mind?

Your ability to enjoy evenings with your kids?

Your weekends?

Here’s a story for you. This month has been completely insane for me and my family. My husband and I both traveled twice. My dad almost needed emergency surgery (thankfully avoided). We had a snow day. My son was sick, then my husband was sick.

Then I got sick, and of course it felt like the end of the world. I was in bed for four days. And I did not have time to be in bed!

But I finally surrendered.

I surrendered to being sick. I surrendered to working from my laptop in bed, a little bit. I surrendered to not having the perfect circumstances all the freaking time.

And something amazing happened: my constant feeling of pressure and overwhelm lifted.

I created more flexibility and fun in my work day. I did less work and brought in more than $2,000 in sales.

I kicked overwhelm to the curb and it feels pretty damn good.

Decide now that the cost of overwhelm is not worth it.

Not in your business, not in your home life, not anywhere.

Your brain will thank you!

Hit reply and tell me: where are you most struggling with overwhelm, either in business or in life? 



March 29, 2019

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