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Increase Engagement through Your Homepage

Welcome! This is post #5 of my new series, Update Your Website to Showcase Who You Are Now. Check out past posts if you missed them: How to Create a Soulful Messaging Guide, A Super Simple Formula for Your Work With Me PageWrite an About Page that Makes Your Prospective Clients Tingle with Recognition, and Create Content That Attracts Raving Fans.

What should go on your homepage??

It’s a fair question, and people have different approaches to the homepage.

Here’s your main goal: to invite people into a relationship with you. 

Everything on your homepage is in service of that.

You want to give them options to dive deeper – whether that’s visiting another page on your site, booking a call, or downloading your free lead magnet.

Here are some awesome ways to bring people closer.

Highlight pages they should visit.

Use blurbs to invite viewers to visit your About page, find out how they can work with you, schedule a discovery session, or check out your blog/podcast/video series.

There are a couple of different layouts you can use, but make sure whatever it is that the blurb and headlines are about the same length. And make sure the call to action is clear!

Option 1: The 3-Column Table






Option 2: Horizontal Bands








Recommend your best content.

If someone is brand-new to you, what should they know first? You can introduce them to your best, most popular content using a Start Here page – and you could link to that page using a feature on your homepage.

Tell them a little bit about yourself, then link your most popular 5-6 podcast episodes or blogs.

Use tactics to boost email signups.

Your homepage is a great place to boost email signups. Here are three ways to do that:

1. The “Hello” bar. This is a colored bar at the top of your website (usually carries over on all pages) that invites people to sign up for your free resource/lead magnet.




2. The opt-in banner. Leverage the top-of-fold section of your homepage – the first place viewers’ eyes will see – to advertise your free lead magnet in all its glory. Below are a couple of great examples. Basically, use that prime real estate on your homepage to offer your viewers something valuable in exchange for their email address.












3. The popup. Regardless of your personal opinions about pop-ups, the truth is … they work! They do drive email signups, and you can always set yours to pop up only on “exit intent” (when a viewer’s mouse is moving to the upper right hand corner to click out of your website). That way it won’t interrupt their experience of your site. There are also pop-up settings that will slide into the corner of the screen that are less obtrusive.

Add social proof

One last recommendation to boost engagement on your homepage is to add social proof using scrolling testimonials. Pull 3 of your best testimonials, add a name and a photo, and set those to scroll at the bottom of your homepage.

Testimonials assure viewers that you’re good at what you do, you deliver results, and your work is a solid bet.


What’s your biggest struggle with increasing engagement through your homepage?




October 15, 2018

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