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How I Increased My September Income By $2,800

Since my most popular post by far has been How I Built a Business that Replaced My 9-5 Income The Month After I Quit, I thought I’d do a follow-up post about increasing my income by $2,800 in September.

The #1 thing I did to make this possible was a marketing strategy of Susan Hyatt’s called 3-2-1, which I did every day in August. The basic strategy is that on every work day for a month, you send 3 emails about your work (either to friends, acquaintances, or prospective clients); you send 2 thank you cards to people who have made an impact on your life (not mentioning your work; just sending out gratitude); and you have 1 phone or face-to-face conversation about your business.

I planned out a week at a time who I would call and who I would send thank you cards and emails. Then I scheduled half an hour on my calendar for every work day and got it done.

I didn’t stop, even when I wasn’t seeing results. It turned out that August was a pretty slow month, in terms of revenue and marketing. In August, I actually made less money than I had in July. A lot of people that I emailed were on vacation. But I didn’t freak out. I stayed focused. I knew that a lot of people would come back from summer vacations ready to hit the ground running in their businesses, and I was right. September was looking successful even before it started!

I was also doing private coaching with Krista St. Germain through Self-Coaching Scholars at the time. When she coached me on my August income, she was amazed at how neutral my thoughts were. My thoughts were literally just, “I’ve made this much money so far in August. I am 54% of the way to my revenue goal and it’s August 16.”

I didn’t create a big dramatic story about how I wasn’t cut out for business and July had just been a fluke and I was going to fall on my face and have to go beg for my job back. I kept doing 3-2-1. I kept responding to prospective clients.

Krista helped me do some math. For example, if I needed to make an additional $3,000, that was 4 websites at $750 each or 5 landing page/email funnel packages at $600 each. In August I was doing free landing page audits to get folks on the phone with me, and I typically closed a sale with 60-70% of people I talked to. So that meant I needed to schedule just 8 new landing page audits.

I posted on social media, I pitched myself to do short Facebook Lives in entrepreneur groups I was a part of, and I asked existing clients to invite friends to sign up for the landing page audit. And then the masterstroke: without me even asking, Krista posted a note about my free landing page audit in Slack to all coaches certified by The Life Coach School. I got 7 audit sign-ups just from that, and got 3 additional sign-ups from other sources.

I didn’t make any additional dollars in August, hitting only 54% of my revenue goal. But I already had 60% of my revenue goal for September under contract, and it was only mid-August.

I kept showing up for my clients and doing excellent work. People hired me for additional projects. A prospective client I’d spoken to in July signed up for a retainer in September. A client I’d done a few projects for throughout the summer hired me for a retainer in September. A free landing page audit person signed up for a retainer in September. And I landed an amazing client from a cold pitch for a really exciting, fun project.

In September I also hired a virtual assistant as a test run. I was really happy with her work from the get-go, and she partnered with me to do graphic design on a client project that went amazingly well. Having help with scheduling Instagram posts, finding photos for blogs, and formatting newsletters in MailChimp freed me up to do more client work and more pitching.

By the end of the month, I had exceeded my ambitious revenue goal by $800, increasing my July income by $2,800.

What’s been the secret to YOUR best month in business?


October 21, 2018

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