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{Is This Thought Holding You Back?} It’s Going To Take A Long Time

A few months ago, I talked to a member of our community named Doug. One of his long-range business goals was to hit a certain yearly revenue. He said, “But I know that’s going to take a long time.”

I told him that I follow a coach who had created that exact yearly revenue in her first year in business.

He was surprised. And also motivated – to create that result more quickly than “a long time from now.”

Have you thought that building your business is going to take a long time?

How does that thought make you feel? Discouraged? Frustrated? Unmotivated?

When you feel discouraged, frustrated, and unmotivated, I’m betting that you don’t sail into your work day ready to create results.

You’re probably staring at your computer, wondering what to do next, listlessly checking social media.

But what if you focused on another thought that felt better?

Try one of these on for size, or create your own:

I can create any result I set my mind to.

I can build my business as quickly as I want.

I can create the business I’m dreaming of, starting today.

I personally like the third one. When I think, I can create the business I’m dreaming of, starting today, I feel energized. When I feel energized, I start the work day ready to create RESULTS. I pitch myself, put myself out there, try something new and scary. And that creates the exact results I want: the business I dream of.

The best part is, you get to choose your thoughts.

No one can tell you what to believe.

The limit is the sky.

July 5, 2019

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