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Let’s belong to each other

Hi there my friend,

I’ve been learning a lot this fall about the power of intentionality. 

Intention with my time. Intention with my thoughts. Intention with my words. 

And I came to a decision that sounds small but is actually earth shaking. 

You are no longer on my email “list.”

You are a member of my email community. 

The word “list” is henceforth banned from my business. All the employees I someday hire will learn on their first day that you are my COMMUNITY.

Because words matter. 

There are 502 beautiful souls in our community right now. And that’s the exact perfect number. Four folks left when I sent my first Pocket of Silence email on Monday. (If you missed Monday’s missive, you can read it here.)

I couldn’t be more excited to serve those of you who stayed. 

Here’s what I’m imagining:

I’m moving from sales-y to soulful.

I want to teach coaches and other creative entrepreneurs how to write soulful, vulnerable pieces that are so raw and real and beautiful that people reach out wanting to work with you before you ever try to “sell” anything. 

And because I’ve promised to be vulnerable myself, let’s “go there.” 

I’ve written dozens of emails in the past two years inviting people to reply. (Hit reply and tell me X, reply to this email to ask a question, whatever.) 

I LOVE being in conversation with my community. But I was starting to feel like I was pulling teeth to get people to engage. (And people don’t like to feel like they’re going to the dentist when they’re reading your emails.)

I’ve never had as many replies as I did on Monday – when I didn’t ask for a reply. The same thing happened with my client, Tammy. We’ve never gotten so many responses to an email as we did from an email where she shared from the heart. 

I’ve been feeling uneasy in my role as a copywriter for some time now. I’ve been wondering, Do I get good enough results for my clients? Do people get high enough conversions when they work with me? Do they make enough sales? What if I actually *suck* as a copywriter???

Now I know: the unease came because for me, being a “copywriter” is too small of a game. 

I’m a writer. I tell stories. I pluck my own bleeding heart out of my chest and hold it out to my readers, so I can say, “Here’s what I’m feeling. Do you feel this way too?”

The more I claim that I’m a writer and embody it, the more I feel my soul dropping into itself, like dropping a stone into a well. 

The well is deep. There’s a lot of stories in there – stories that I hope will slake my thirst and yours for connection.

Because, like Mother Teresa said, we have forgotten we belong to each other. 

Telling true stories is my path back to myself and the work I am called to. 

I’ve been dividing myself for so long. I always thought I had to be a writer AND something else. I write over here, but to make money I have to do these 27 other things.

Because I was taught the model of the starving artist, and I was taught that art is pure but money is dirty and therefore never the twain shall meet. 

But I’m mending all of that in Mary Houston’s program Do Less, Make More. It is rocking my world in the best possible way. So much of my identity that I thought was bedrock is in fact shifting sand. And the sand is shifting, dear ones, to reveal something stronger and more beautiful than I ever knew. 

So let’s keep belonging to each other. 

I’m over here cooking up something brand-new for you – a way to teach you how to use stories and vulnerability to connect and to sell in the most aligned, authentic possible way. 

Because I don’t know about you – but I’m sick to death of the hustle culture of online business and I’m sick to death of being sold to. 

What I crave is to be seen. 

And when Mary sold me her program Do Less, Make More, I felt so seen. I felt seen and held and absolutely in my integrity, absolutely confident that this was the next right step in my journey. 

That’s how I want my clients to feel when they buy from me. And that’s how I want your clients to feel when they buy from you. 

So I’m going to percolate away on this until it’s ready – then I’ll let you know.

Onward and inward,


P.S. One of my fears is that I look SUPER FLAKY. I’m a copywriter, I’m a coach, now I’m a writer – I feel like everyone in my community must think of me as someone who flapping and flailing around like a fish gasping for water on a dock. You might think that, and that’s totally okay. I’m not hiding anymore. I get to change my mind, and I love that.

October 18, 2019

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