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Make Money With This Simple Business Plan

I’m all about simplifying these days.

This month I’m reconnecting to the super-simple, 10-minute business plan that makes me money every time I do it.

All you need is a Google Sheet document. 

At the top I list my revenue goal for the month. 

Then I list the projects that are under contract: recurring income and recently signed projects. I have a column to mark when these commitments are paid, a column for how much income I’m expecting from each, and a column indicating the client.

I total those up so I can see the amount that’s definitely coming in. 

Then I subtract the amount coming in from the revenue goal. That’s my target. 

Next, I create some different options for how I can create that money. I put together a few different scenarios – let’s say, a website, a lead magnet project, and a coaching VIP day; or two websites with design add-ons; or two long-term coaching clients, a lead magnet, and mini-course pre-sales.

Here’s the most important part of the process: every morning I open this spreadsheet and look at where I am. I take action to pitch different types of projects, connect with former clients, consider new marketing strategies. 

Here’s the second most important part of the process: when I pitch a big project and the prospective client says “no,” I manage my mind. 

I don’t freak out. I don’t make it mean that I’ll never make another sale and I’m going to fail at business and everything is horrible and I’ll never hit my income goal. 

Instead, I focus on this thought: That money is coming from somewhere else. 

Then I tinker with the plan until I have something different. 

Here’s a sample of the plan:

This shit works. 

Ready to try it yourself? I dare you. 

May 17, 2019

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