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My Success-Priming Morning Routine

Your morning sets the tone for your whole day. Is your morning setting you up for success – or for a day of scrambling, I’m-so-behind stress? 

For about a decade I had my morning routine down pat; then I had a kid and it all went to hell. 

My son is three now (and baby girl is soon to arrive!). About six months ago I set about reclaiming my morning so I could feel calmer and more centered during the day. 

Here’s what my morning routine looks like (and yes, I recognize this is about to change wildly!): 

5:30am I wake up, put on workout clothes, brush my teeth

5:40am Sit in my favorite armchair for 20 minutes with a journal, a book, and a lighted candle. I write out my goals, I do coaching exercises, I read inspirational books, and otherwise get my mindset in a really good place for the day. 

6:00am Move my body. This used to be a workout (a yoga or strength-training video on YouTube). During my pregnancy, it’s been a series of gentle alignment stretches.

6:35am My son’s Ok to Wake alarm clock (aka best purchase ever) turns green, which means he can get out of bed. We have breakfast together, then I clean up and get him ready for daycare. We usually have time to play a while. 

7:45am Take him to daycare.

8:10am Shower and get dressed (while listening to a business podcast or watching a business or coaching video).

8:40am Look at my calendar for the day and write down the exact results I need to produce. I don’t write, “Spend two hours on retainer client work.” I write, “Complete 6 emails for retainer client.” Writing out the results I need to produce (and crossing them off as I do) has been a game-changer.

The most important elements for me in this routine is having time and space by myself to think. For a while, my son and I were both getting up at 6; and I felt like a crazy person. Training him to stay in bed until 6:35, and getting up earlier myself, gave me this space back and led to much, much calmer mornings. (This requires going to bed a little earlier, and packing his lunch and making my breakfast the night before.)

What element do you need to incorporate into your morning routine to create more success? Hit reply and let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

June 7, 2019

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