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Power Up Your Sales Copy with These 3 Questions

The phrase “sales copy” freaks my clients out.

They feel intimidated, overwhelmed, and stuck.

Then they get on the phone with me, I ask them a few simple questions (that they know the answers to!) and I write something that they love.

Today I want to share 3 of the questions I ask my clients to help me hone in on what they’re offering and why people should buy it. THEN, I’ll offer you an action step that gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at how I use my clients’ answers to power up their sales copy.

Question #1: Who is your ideal client?

First of all, I’ve been working with a lot of folks lately who have a more “squishy” ideal client. A lot of coaches have been describing their clients as “women who feel stuck and want something more out of life” or “they just know they want more fulfillment” or “they’re looking for their purpose.”

These are all a great start – because this is why people want coaching. These ideal client profiles would be even stronger if they were more narrow and specific.

At the Life Coach School, they teach that your niche should be 3 levels of specificity:

  • Mormon stay-at-home moms who want to stop yelling at their kids
  • Doctors in clinical practice who want to lose weight
  • Women who want to lose 100 pounds or more

These three examples are from coaches in Brooke Castillo’s mastermind who are on their way to making 7 figures this year.

The power of niches that are this specific is that these coachecs can speak to these people, and these people are POSITIVE that this is the coach for them. These coaches are speaking to their exact problem, and they’re offering a solution.

**Action step: Indicate with the header, subheader, and copy “above the fold” that the ideal client is in the right place. 

If they have to scroll down to find out that you’re offering a course on finding your purpose for top-level executives, you’ve already lost them.

So consider changing your course title from something generic like “Be More Authentic” to something more specific and compelling, like “Authenticity = Success: Climb the Corporate Ladder by Preserving Your Personality.”

Question #2: What is the problem your ideal client is having?

How do THEY describe their problem?

I recommend to the coaches I work with all the time that they take notes during discovery calls, copy and paste social media and blog comments, and save emails from prospective and existing clients in a folder. When you go to write sales copy, go through all that data and look for commonalities.

It helps when their problem is specific.

They want to stop feeling guilty about food.

They want to stop dreading Mondays because they hate their job.

Don’t try to speak to all problems with your program or course. Speak to ONE main problem. Address ONE main pain point.

**Action step: AVOID COACH SPEAK.

Don’t use the phrase “limiting beliefs” unless your ideal client is a coach! Don’t couch their problem in the language you’ll use to help them solve it. Use the words your client actually uses.

Question #3: How will your client’s life be different after they work with you? 

How will their career, business, relationships be different?

How will they feel? How will they think?

What will they no longer be doing? Where will they be taking action?

These are the benefits of your work.

**Action step: spend much more time describing benefits than describing features. 

Features are details like the length of the program, how many calls they get, whether there’s a free Facebook group, etc. A lot of my coaches spend the bulk of their time on a sales page describing features. Instead, you want to sell the “destination” – where they’ll end up – rather than the “plane” – how they’ll get there.


The next time you’re writing a new sales page, or updating your Services/Work with Me page, ask yourself these three questions and implement the three action steps. Let me know how it goes!

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September 3, 2018

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