Saying Yes to Ourselves

Have you ever gotten to Sunday night so exhausted that you can’t even face the week?

That’s how I felt two weeks ago. The weekend did not feel like a weekend at all.

Simeon was working all weekend, and our almost-one-year-old son, Elijah, was in major Cling Mode. Add to that the regular weekend duties (laundry, cooking) and the fact that we were getting ready to go on a big trip for six days, and let’s just say that it was not relaxing.

Sunday was especially challenging. Elijah bumped his head twice before 10 AM. He wiggled all through church. He woke up from his afternoon nap inconsolable.

I looked forward all day to time to MYSELF that night. And when I put Elijah to bed, Simeon said, “Want to watch some TV?” and I said, “Sure.” Even though I had wanted to do some stretching and journaling and get ready for the week so that I could get in bed and read. Alone.

One episode of Bosch turned into two, and the second episode ending in a heart-pounding cliffhanger.

I was so mad. I was mad at what had happened in the show, but more than that, I was mad that I had said yes to not one but two TV episodes when what I had really wanted to do was take care of myself.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you said no to yourself to say yes to someone or something else?

When we always do things with others instead of taking time for ourselves, we get crabby. Mean. Low-energy. Depressed.

Many of you know that I’ve struggled with severe fatigue for the past four years. I’m finally feeling great physically, but my journey really forced me to come to terms with myself.

I have spent a LOT of time thinking about these questions:

  • Why do I put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own?
  • What do I do when I’m exhausted?
  • How can I feel better?
  • How can I have more energy, less stress, and more fun?
  • Why does rest feel so forbidden?

My best friend Caroline McGraw and I have created a four-week online course, Protect Your Energy: Stop Draining, Start Living to address these questions. We do not have all the answers – we have created exactly what we need ourselves. Permission to rest. Space to ask these questions and come to our own answers. Support and encouragement to create the lives we want, instead of allowing the priorities of our friends and families to dictate our schedules.

We invite you to join us.

Check out our video trailer:


More than offering quick physical fixes, this course invites you to change your thinking. Move from “I never get anything done; I’m such a loser” to a more positive space. Move from perfectionism to done-is-better-than-good. Move from “I have to say yes to everything everyone asks me” to “I set boundaries for my own health and the health of those around me.”

The course consists of 4 one-hour video calls where Caroline and I will do some teaching and modeling, and answer questions that you chat in. You’ll also receive a daily email from Monday through Saturday each week. That’s four hours of live time with us (recorded in case you can’t make it), plus 24 emails to support you on your journey.

All in? Find details and purchase here.

Want a taste? Check out our course page, scroll to the bottom, and sign up for our mailing list (free) and receive our FREE email giveaway, 10 Days to Boost Your Energy.

Hope to see you there.

May 9, 2017

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