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So. Obsessed.

Follow your obsessions. 

That is my new favorite piece of advice, especially when life is feeling a little drab, a little dull. (Does this happen to anyone else in late January?!)

Quick, make a list of the 5 things you’re obsessed with right now. 

It could be anything: a new podcast, a book you just started, a food, a song, a work project, a person. 

For example: anyone who knows life coach Susan Hyatt at all knows that she is obsessed with Beyonce. 

When I first started following Susan (way back in 2017), I remember thinking, Are we allowed to like Beyonce?!

“We” meaning smart, successful, feminist, liberal women. 

Because I was fresh off a university MFA program where elitism was kinda revered. (My very first residency, a professor I respected made fun of two of my favorite books – Eat Pray Love and Harry Potter – and the program director made fun of my favorite wine – which was the time was moscato.)

Listen. Not only are we ALLOWED to be obsessed with Beyonce, but letting yourself be obsessed with what you’re obsessed with GIVES YOU LIFE. 

Susan talked about Beyonce on social media so much that she got a message from a follower while she was planning a luxury retreat for clients in NYC. Would you and your retreat participants like to take a dance class in the NYC studio where Beyonce rehearses?

Hell. To. The. Yes. 

That follower, Robert Hartwell, is a Broadway performer and led an unforgettable class for Susan and her clients. (Robert and Susan ended up becoming best friends.)

Lesson: love what you love.



Because life is too damn short to do anything less. 

Here’s a list of what I’m obsessed with right now: 

✨ Reruns of Queer Eye (also googling WHEN IN THE HELL the next season, set in my hometown of Philly, comes out)

✨Anticipating a kid-free weekend with my husband in NYC (STARTS TODAY!!)

✨Daydreaming about my book launch. DREAM COME TRUE.

✨Pineapple-spinach-banana green smoothies

✨Celery juice (gives me SO MUCH ENERGY)


✨Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg

✨Patriarchy Stress Disorder, by Dr Valerie Rein (oh, I will have SO MUCH to say about this book and everything it’s bringing up for me, as soon as I integrate it for myself)

✨Designing my women’s writing retreat – think windswept enchanted island, tea by the fire, acres of silence, and lots of time to write. 

Your homework for this weekend:

Make a list of your top 5 obsessions right now. 

Go indulge in one of them. Comment and tell me all about it, just for fun. 

January 24, 2020

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