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The 5 most common website mistakes I see

I was shocked the other day, looking at my Acuity client list, that I have worked with more than 100 coaches in the past two years. 

I actually have more than 150 people in my client list (so, people I’ve had appointments with), but a handful of those are people I’ve a) interviewed to be partners (like web designers) and b) people I screened to interview on my video series, Skyrocket Your Online Business. 

But more than 100 of those folks are tried-and-true people who have been either 1:1 paying clients, or folks I’ve done free website or landing page audits with, or women in programs I’ve taught in who got a free consultation with me as part of their program. 

And I’ve looked at pretty much all of their websites. 

So today I wanted to share with you the 5 most common website mistakes I see. 

I break it all down for you in this video:

Here’s the quick list of mistakes I see – check out the video for more detail:

  • There’s no clear path through your website.
  • The call to action is muddled, or not repeated enough times.
  • There’s no lead magnet, or it’s not featured prominently.
  • The About page is bland/forgettable/too corporate/lacking YOU.
  • The BENEFITS of working with you are not clear. 

Let’s get real here for a sec: I’m working on updating my own website!! So don’t use mine as a model right now. I’m changing my offerings, updating my tone, adding new photos – the WORKS.

Have a question about your own website? Comment below and ask me!

October 29, 2019

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