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The Importance of a Clear Message

This is my second of two posts about lessons learned from The Zone Event! Check out the first one here: The Fine Art of Pushing Yourself.

The most actionable segment of the conference for me was a breakout session by Amy Yamada on Creating a Clear Message.

She taught us a framework to help us articulate who we work with, what we do, and what we offer. You can access part of Amy’s CLEAR message training here.

I had a huge breakthrough with my own business, my ideal clients, and my positioning during her workshop. I definitely found it to be the most targeted and immediately impactful sessions of the conference.

Let me tell you this: I see my clients face this challenge all the time. If you don’t have your foundation rock-solid – who you work with, what you offer, and what results you can help people create – it’s very hard to create powerful, targeted content.

Your content is your way of showing people you can help them – by helping them. If you’re not clear on who you’re trying to help (or you’re trying to help a broad market, like “women who feel like there’s something missing in their life”) it’s hard to gain traction.

Another thing I see all the time is entrepreneurs changing their minds. And let me just say that I totally get it! I want to change my mind all the time too. But I started staying the course more frequently when I heard my coach Brooke Castillo talk about her take on this: namely, that changing your mind is a huge waste of time.

She uses this metaphor: imagine that you’re climbing a mountain with a map and a compass. You know what to do next and you keep walking, even when it’s hard, and when you lose the trail you use the compass and the map to keep moving forward. You might not always move in a straight line, and you might slide backwards on big hills, and you might need to pause and rest, but you keep going.

You will get to the top of the mountain much more quickly than the person who starts out on one trail, then doubles back to start another trail because it looks more scenic, then quits and starts going home because she’s tired, then decides she’s going to start up again.

Keep moving forward. Even when things are tough, stick to your decisions and do SOMETHING. You can change tack if you try something and it doesn’t work, but don’t rework your entire messaging and communication plan and decide to work with a brand-new ideal client before ever seeing a client in your original niche.

If you aren’t crystal-clear on your message – who you help, why it’s your mission to help this person, the results you can help them achieve, and what you can offer to get them those results – take some time today or this week to get CLEAR. I promise: it will make everything else so much easier.

What’s your biggest challenge in creating a clear message?


November 5, 2018

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