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The Risk I’m Taking That Hasn’t Yet Paid Off

I made a commitment a few weeks ago to sign 5 coaching clients by April 30 for my program, Crack the Client Code.

Not because of the financial goal – but because of the number of people I want to help grow in the next 10 months.

Basically, I want to help you create the same results I created: to start a business from scratch and leave your job 7 months later, if you want.

For me, this goal of signing 5 coaching clients in one month is audacious.

It’s scary to commit to an external goal that I don’t have full control over. (What if I fail?)

It’s scary to ask people to book free calls with me. (What if my calendar stays empty?)

It’s scary to share this goal with you, because I don’t know in advance what will happen. (What if my community thinks I’m crazy?)

But I wanted you to know that I’m in the trenches with you. I’m trying new things. I’m falling down and getting back up.

Here’s what I’m doing in April to meet my goal:

  • I’m coaching myself every single day on believing that this result is possible.
  • I’m refusing to stop taking action, even if I don’t get results right away.
  • I’m putting myself out there and making offers and helping people every single day.
  • I’m showing up and being seen in ways that are NOT comfortable.

What risks are YOU taking this month? Hit reply and let me know.

April 12, 2019

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