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The Time I Went Rogue And Broke All The Business Rules

I recently had a business epiphany: I was following someone else’s rules. And they weren’t working for my business.

Just a few weeks ago, I was feeling super-stressed, like there was never enough time in my week and there wasn’t enough money coming in for all the work I was doing.

I’m in a business program that teaches a pretty structured formula for building your business.

I have learned SO MUCH from it. And yet, in this season of my life as I prepare to go on maternity leave, the pace of the program wasn’t working for me.

Drastic measures were required.

I decided to take the radical step of stepping back. For someone like me, who’s driven to achieve, who always follows the rules, who is used to being the most successful person in the room (this sounds arrogant, but I’m letting you in on my crazy mindset), stepping back is usually not an option.

When things aren’t working or feel hard, I don’t step back. I lean in. I push harder.

But this time, that simply wasn’t working.

So I stepped back. IMMEDIATELY, several things happened:

  • I had like 4 business epiphanies about my ideal client, what I truly love doing in my business, what I can leave behind, and more.
  • I saw myself the way my friend recently described me: as a success, just the way I am.
  • I recognized that I could delete about 8 hours of work per week from my calendar.
  • I felt super relaxed and got ahead on my client work.
  • I realized I had made a lot of money in April (and could continue that streak in May without driving myself insane, just by focusing on what was working).

In other words: I broke the external rules I was holding myself to.

And started following INTERNAL guidance. I rested when I was tired. I said no to commitments that didn’t feel right. I followed my inner YES! to begin creating a new mini-course.

And that has made all the difference.

May 24, 2019

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