Come write live with me.

This is hard, and that’s okay.

My new mantra is this thought: This is hard, and that’s okay.

I’m back in the trenches of generating clients and revenue after a 3-month maternity leave.

And after two successful days at daycare last week, my daughter decided that she doesn’t want to drink out of bottles.

Which means that I’ve been driving to daycare every 2.5 hours to breastfeed her. ?

I haven’t figured out my morning routine with two kids yet. (I haven’t figured out our evening routine yet, either!)

Things feel a bit chaotic and messy.

And that’s okay.

Here’s the things that are keeping me sane, in no particular order:

  • My VA Lisa, from YesBossVA (tell Kristen I sent you!). I start things or have ideas and they magically get scheduled, designed, and otherwise #handled.
  • Starbucks decaf coconut milk lattes (always and forever)
  • Pitching every single day
  • Susan Hyatt’s Pitch Clinic (which ends today) in Rich Coach Club
  • Planning ahead
  • My fantastic amazing husband Simeon. We look at each other and laugh (or look at each other with tired war-weary faces and just understand).
  • Octonauts, because my 3-year-old son is obsessed with it and it enables me to do things like shower 

It’s not supposed to be easier. It’s not supposed to be different than it is.

This is hard, and that’s okay.



September 13, 2019

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