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On Saturday morning I read this email from my assistant Lisa:

I didn’t see any copy for your weekly email…

To quote an inside joke from high school whose origin I can’t even recall: Well shit, Jane. 

I talk to my copywriting and coaching clients all the time about the importance of showing up for your audience. Week in, week out. Like clockwork. 

Aaand this was the third weekly email I’d forgotten to send out since August. Aaand I was about to drive to Rhode Island for a wedding. 

I’m sorry, friends! I messed up. But I’ma keep on showing up and get back to our regularly scheduled program of an email every Friday, sharing tips on how to write copy that converts and how to get more clients and otherwise how to create the online business of your dreams. Because #goals.

So buckle up, buttercups. I’ve got some super fun stuff coming your way later this fall. 

And feel free to call me out the next time I miss a Friday email. 

October 8, 2019

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