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Where Do I Start With Marketing #1: There’s Too Many Options

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I Don’t Know Where to Start

This is a thought that many of my clients think when it comes to marketing their businesses online.

They feel overwhelmed. They trained to be a coach, and they just want to coach some people! Or they work in the health industry and they can’t wait to help people eat healthier, lose weight, get out of pain.

But first, they need clients. And they find out pretty quickly that launching their website and posting every day on Facebook isn’t bringing in a steady stream of clients.

So then they start Googling about online marketing.

And there’s too many options! Help!

You should start a free Facebook group. You should create a webinar. You need to be on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. And YouTube. Every day! You need to spend thousands of dollars on this program to market your business. You should do a video series, with guests. You should, you should, you should…

Then your head is spinning and you need to put it down on the desk.

Don’t worry, my friend. You’ve got this.

Here’s what you’re going to do.

#1: Make a plan.

You’re going to create a marketing plan for your business. Don’t freak out. It’s not going to be complicated. In fact, our goal here is to keep things as simple as possible – so that you’ll actually do them. I don’t want you to spend hours creating a super-complicated, detailed plan that you abandon three days later.

Here’s what I want you to include in the plan:

  • Weekly content where you’re creating value for your ideal client. This can be any format – a weekly blog, a weekly video, a weekly podcast – but keep it consistent.
  • One social media channel where you’ll show up every day. Remember: for every 1 call to action that you post (asking your followers to click a link, sign up for something, read your post, etc.), offer 3-4 valuable posts where you’re teaching, inspiring, and encouraging.

That’s it. Full stop. If you’re doing way more than this right now, and it’s not yielding any results, cut back to weekly content and one social channel and try some of the tips below.

If you struggle with creating content consistently, check out my free guide, Create Compelling Content – Consistently. Drop in your info at the bottom of this page and I’ll send it over!

#2: Prioritize list-building over social media.

Email is still the best way to sell. You own your email list, but you don’t own the contact information of your Facebook or Instagram followers.

It’s not enough to ask people to sign up for your newsletter. You need to offer them value in exchange for their email address. The best way to do this is to create a lead magnet (preferably a series of them), followed by an email nurture series.

Here are some ideas for lead magnets:

  • A checklist, cheat sheet, or swipe file (a swipe is an actual document you use in your business, like an email template, a job description for a virtual assistant, or a protocol or tool)
  • A video series
  • A quiz where they enter their email for the results
  • A toolbox of your favorite tools

Once you create an awesome lead magnet, make sure you set up a series of 4-5 emails that follow it inviting your new community member to take another action (preferably free): to join your free Facebook group, come to an upcoming webinar, or sign up for a free discovery call.

#3: Sell your free stuff as if it were paid.

I LOVE this piece of advice, which I heard from business coach Stacey Smith.

It’s not enough to put your free stuff out there in the world and wait for people to find it. You need to promote it – with the same energy and enthusiasm as you promote your paid services and products. It’s not enough to post your lead magnet once on Facebook and expect people to flock to it! You need a plan to be promoting it on a regular basis – and even when you’re not directly promoting it, you can be teaching on the same topic so people come to you for more.

Also: if you’re using discovery calls as part of your business, make sure you make a case for why people should sign up for one. It needs to be more compelling than just finding out if you’re a good fit to work together. Think about specific value you can offer them during that call.

Here are some examples of hooks you can use for a discovery call:

#4: Change your energy.

Susan Hyatt talks about the concept of shoe sale energy when you’re making a sales offer.

The idea is this: when you read an amazing book, or see an amazing movie, or come across an amazing shoe sale, you probably tell your girlfriends about it. You’re like, “OMG, you MUST watch this show/read this magazine article/go to this restaurant.” You don’t feel weird or apologetic about it. You feel EXCITED and you want to get them excited too!

You want to have the same energy when you’re marketing. OMG you MUST get in on this! It will change your life! It’s amazing!

That’s how I feel about helping women entrepreneurs tell their stories. OMG let me help you!! We will do great work together! Let’s go!


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July 9, 2018

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