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Copywriting for Coaches

I work with coaches who are just starting out in their online business and are in hot pursuit of that mythical $100K goal.

I help my clients uplevel their sales copy to drive more conversions, create lead magnets that increase opt-ins, and generate consistent content that provides value to their tribe.

YOU are part of MY tribe if you are:

  • Committed to your business
  • Confident that you can create more money in your business
  • Clear on where you need help

Success is not optional for you.

Success is inevitable.

You just need to hone in on the how.

I’m part of the how!

Let’s dive in and figure out the best angle for us to work together.

Web & Sales Copy

I create clear, compelling copy that creates emotion in your clients.

Amazing copy connects you to your tribe.

It forges relationships between you and people you’ve never met.

It communicates the essence of who you are.

It’s a big job. I promise that I’m equal to it!

Likewise, your sales copy has one purpose: to create emotion in your clients that compels them to buy. It communicates the value you’re offering. It makes them EXCITED to buy from you!

Susan Hyatt calls this SHOE SALE ENERGY – your copy reads as authentic and as excited as you telling your girlfriend about a great shoe sale.

Brooke Castillo describes it this way: we all love paying for electricity. If the electric company came to us and said, “Hey, we don’t want you as a customer anymore,” we would BEG them to take our money and give us electricity. You want to create the same sense of can’t-live-without-it for your prospective buyers.

Great copy isn’t an accident. You don’t stumble across it after hours of trying to write it yourself and pulling your hair out.

Great copy is carefully crafted for maximum impact.

Let’s work together to take your copy from good to great.

Set up a free discovery call today! We’ll talk about your project and create a plan to get moving.



Convert Followers to Loyal Customers

Convert Followers to Loyal Customers is all about taking the nuts-and-bolts of your ideal client’s customer journey to the next level.
You’ll receive:
  • Clarity around your ideal client’s customer journey with your business.
  • Landing page copy that converts
  • A 4-email nurture series that moves people from followers to fans
  • Analysis of how the landing page and email series are performing, plus a round of revisions to optimize it
This package includes:
  • A 45-minute initial consultation
  • A draft of landing page copy and 4 emails for the nurture series
  • A round of revisions for all copy
  • A 30-minute consultation after a month of implementation
  • If the page or email series aren’t performing as desired, I’ll retool the copy that isn’t performing well to increase conversions
Book your initial consultation below, pay for the full package, and we’ll get started!


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