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Your story matters.

Stories are what make us human. Stories change the world.

Secrets of Storytelling: The Novel + Memoir Mastermind work combines intuitive energetic tools to help you tap into your creativity with deep technique and skill to make your book sing.

This six-month, intimate small group container will teach you every tool you need to write all the books that are inside you – with more fun and joy than you thought possible. (It doesn’t have to be so hard.)

You will learn:

  • The 7 life stages of a book – and what to do during every stage. Most creative writing workshops and classes focus on just two stages – drafting and revising – while we focus on the entire life cycle.
  • The 4 essential components of a thriving writing life. Most workshops focus on just one component (your writing craft, aka your technical skill level) while we take a more holistic approach.
  • How to claim the identity of author. When you claim the identity of author while you’re writing (instead of after your book is in print), it changes how you show up to the page.
  • How to tap into intuitive listening to be guided by your book. Your book knows more than you do. Learn how to stop overthinking and start channeling from a place that’s far more powerful than your thinking mind.
  • The 3 publishing pathways and how to decide which is right for you and your book. How you decide to publish is entirely up to you. (I call bullshit on the traditional publishing industry’s elitism.) Learn step by step exactly what you need to do to bring your book into the world. You’re in control.

Secrets of Storytelling: The Novel + Memoir Mastermind is now enrolling for June 2021. Space is limited.

Book a free consult call with me to get more details and decide whether the mastermind is right for you and your book.

Client Story

“When I finished the first draft of my first novel and knew it needed much more work, I shopped around for a coach who would work me hard by pointing out specific things I needed to do to improve, who was widely read enough to be able to show me examples of ways fine writers worked, and who was always enthusiastic about my work without acting like I needed to be gushed over.

“I found Brooke, and I feel rewarded for my search. She is so smart, and knows the things a writer must do to develop deep characters, and to drive a story using lively dialogue, but she also seems to intuit when I need to step back from my work and look at the big plot and ask:

Do you really need this character? Do you think this smaller arc serves your bigger arc? Are you telling the story you meant to tell? Can’t you drop this whole part and find a clearer path to your purpose?

“She always makes me feel that she has read all the pages I send her, and she sends me timely feedback that allows me to fix things while they are still fresh. I feel that she believes in me and my novel, and I will continue with her until I get this baby out there! I believe she is with me for the long haul, and I won’t be going anywhere without her.”

-Judy Dushku

Private Book Coaching

I work with people writing novels and memoirs, and I work with entrepreneurs writing books for their businesses.

My private book coaching work is intensive, and it takes you all the way from concept to completion, from brainstorming structure to polished draft.

I no longer offer support to find a literary agent or to write a book proposal.

My work is to help you tell the story that’s inside you in the truest, most beautiful way possible.

Email me at hello AT brookeadamslaw DOT com for more details.

Client Story – “invaluable”

“I had written a book which was more like a collection of musings and I knew it was not where I wanted it to be for publishing. I was having difficulty finding a cohesive thread and purpose for it. Who was it for? Why? What did I want them to get out of it? I knew I would be doing a lot of re-writing, but was really stuck on what “needed” to be re-written, left in, edited out, etc.

“I hired Brooke because I felt sure that she’d be able to help me get out of my own head, see the bigger picture and coax a direction and purpose from me.

“After our work together, I’ve gone through what I had written and I’m compiling what I still want to use and doing the writing that makes them more cohesive and clarifies my message.

“The biggest thing that unlocked for me during our work together was that … I could trust myself creatively and trust myself to do the work that I believed needed to be done.
The somatic work we did together was really helpful – working with my body got me out of that dead-lock in my brain and over time led to a path for my book that I love. [Together we discovered a structure] that gave me SO much direction, made it so much easier to organize and theme my chapters, and gave me great confidence.

“I’m finally excited and enthused again about this book!! Thank you so much, Brooke! Invaluable!”

-Lisa Hatlestad

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