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Darkness into Light Writing Retreat

You feel a longing – a yearning – to speak a larger truth. 

But in the minutiae of daily life, it seems to elude you. 

You sense a bigger project brewing. 

And you need the time and space and silence to bring it forth. 

You’ve always loved writing. 

It’s time to claim the mantle of “writer” alongside all the other titles you wear so easily (mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, coach). 

I made this retreat for you. Learn more.

Write Your Book in 2020

You’ve been dreaming of writing this book for months… or years.

Your clients tell you, “You should write a book.”

You fantasize about a six-figure advance, a 20-city book tour and of course, being interviewed by Oprah.

You’ll get there, you promise yourself. Just as soon as you have more time, you’ll get started.

I can help you write your book in 2020.

My superpowers are:

  • Helping you organize your thoughts, connect the dots, and move from “disjointed” to flow.
  • Supporting and inspiring you to write every week.
  • Giving clear, actionable, helpful feedback to make your writing stronger.
  • Helping you ground your writing in space.

If you want to go from dreaming about writing a book to writing a book to having written a book in 2020, I can help.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • 2 1-hour sessions per month
    • 1 planning call (we’ll shape what you want to work on)
    • 1 feedback call (we’ll strengthen what you wrote)
  • Detailed edits, including structural feedback and line edits, on up to 30 pages per month
  • Monthly inspiration emails
  • Fun goodies & surprises
  • PLUS… a bonus 90-minute call to craft a strategy to pitch to agents {if this is part of your goal}

$15,000 {Payment plans available}

Apply to work with me on your book project here.

Copy & Content Writing

I’m still taking on a limited number of copy and content writing projects.

I specialize in websites, sales pages and lead magnets + welcome email sequences.

I also occasionally take on custom projects.

Apply to work with me on copy & content writing here.

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