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Content Strategy & Creation for Life Coaches

If you’re a life coach and you’re ready to take your business to the next level, I’m here to support you.

One of my strongest skills as a writer is my ability to get a sense of someone’s voice very quickly, and to create content that allows their unique voice and personality to shine through.


Problem: You’re producing a lot of content, but you’re not getting the return on investment you want in terms of paying clients or a larger list.


Create an editorial calendar that aligns all of your content and ensures that it meets one purpose: to create value for your community.
What you’ll get:
  • A 1-2 hour consultation where we’ll:
    • Review the content you currently produce on a monthly basis, as well as the content you’ve been dreaming of
    • Begin to sketch out a high-level editorial calendar for the next quarter
    • Drill down on the upcoming next month to identify where you may need support
  • A completed editorial calendar for the next three months that aligns all your content with upcoming programming and marketing campaigns
  • Additional suggestions for how I can support, whether that’s writing marketing copy for your next webinar, drafting social media posts, or creating a new opt-in offering


Problem: You have a great idea for a big project (an e-book, a course, a membership site) but you’re so busy serving your current clients that you’ve stalled on next steps


Every successful project begins with an outline and a workplan. We’ll work together to create both so we can break your project down into manageable pieces and clarify where you’ll need support so you can finally get started. 
What you’ll get:
  • A 1-2 hour consultation where we’ll:
    • Discuss the big picture of the project you’re dreaming of
    • Figure out where you’re getting stuck
    • Start to nail down what the “it” is – who will this project serve? What is its purpose? What format would best meet that purpose?
  • A working session where we’ll begin to outline the project – brainstorming book chapters, course modules, or membership site features
  • A workplan that details every task that needs to be done to bring your dream to reality (either in a productivity platform like Asana or in an Excel document)
  • As much or as little support as you’d like in creating the actual content for the course. I can:
    • Meet with you to understand the substance of your approach, then write the actual content;
    • Help you clarify your ideas, then give feedback on the work you produce; or
    • Step back after the planning stage and let you do your thing!


Email me to set up a free 60-minute consultation to discuss how I can help you.




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