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Working from the Couch

Okay, guys.

I’m writing this from the couch.

I’ve been working from home for four years now – first for my nonprofit job and now for myself – and I absolutely love it. I love not having a commute, I love being able to whip up a morning smoothie at 10am, I love being able to throw in a load of laundry if I really need to.

I’m not one of those people who’s constantly working in yoga pants or pajamas, pounding on her laptop in bed. Every single morning I take a shower, do my hair, and get dressed in real clothes that I could wear in public. I work from 9am to 5pm with an hour for lunch (during which I sometimes run errands or do other random things). I’m very disciplined. I don’t take a break from work to watch Netflix or clean the bathroom.

If my husband comes into my office at 9:15 and I’m not in there, he’s like, “Are you okay?”

I love working in my new office with my new standing desk.

But today I’m writing this from the couch.

Physically, I’m not feeling great. I had a very tough week and spent the weekend recovering – and I don’t feel totally recovered yet. I feel physically tired and mentally not at the top of my game.

Going into my office to WORK for the whole DAY felt like too much. I caught myself considering cleaning out the Ziploc drawer in my kitchen. Instead, I got out my laptop, put my feet up on the couch, and started writing blog posts.

I am so, so grateful that this is an option for me. What I’m saying is this: don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I was about to delay my work start by another hour because sitting in my chair felt like too much work. Then I realized that my goal isn’t to work in the perfect environment 100% of the time; my goal is to be as productive as I possibly can, including when I don’t feel amazing.

It’s kind of like this: when I was pregnant with my son Elijah, my husband and I took a childbirth class. I was very committed to a natural childbirth and wanted to learn everything I could to hep me achieve that goal. He asked me at one point how I would feel if I had to have an emergency Cesarean, or if the pain was too intense and I had to get an epidural. At first I felt very upset and resistant to both of these options.

Then I realized that natural childbirth wasn’t the real goal. The real goal was a delivery that resulted in a healthy baby and a healthy me. I hoped that natural childbirth would be the vehicle to reach that goal, but it wasn’t the goal in and of itself.

This mindset shift made a huge difference for me during my actual labor and delivery. I ended up being in labor for 36 hours, and choosing to get an epidural at hour 18 was one of THE BEST decisions I’ve ever made.

My point is this: when you have your own business, you’re not always going to get to your goal the way you think you will. I didn’t think I’d be writing blog posts from my couch this morning, but that’s just my reality right now.

Make sure your goal really IS your end goal, and then go after it: but be open to getting there in all different ways.

Also, don’t be a mean boss to yourself. If you’re sick, take a sick day. If you’re tired, rest. Your business will be better for it!

November 12, 2018

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